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Body Language Secrets

Learn Body Language: Why Hearing Is Not Enough

Have you ever found yourself in a business meeting and when you try to recall the content of the meeting you were unable to do so even though you heard the discussion? It is possible that the reason why you were unable to completely recall the content is that you did not listen despite you hearing everything that the people …

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How to Read Your Partner’s Body Language

People behave the way they do and say the things they say for a reason whether they are consciously aware of it or not. With this in mind, you can try to figure what they are really trying to express, based on their body language and even more so when you are in a relationship.                 The fact …

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Self Confidence and Body Language

Confidence is defined as a feeling or belief that you can do something well and succeed in it. And the sad truth is that not everyone has a healthy amount of confidence in themselves. However, being able to develop confidence in yourself can definitely lead you in having a successful life in the long run and here are some tips …

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Powerful Methods to Improve Unfavorable Body Language

The things that people say to one another influences how interpersonal relationships go and while knowing what to say at the right time certainly increases the chances of building good rapport with your audience, non-verbal cues can also be as impacting as what you say and sometimes, even more so. However, it is also important to be able to distinguish …

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Body Language Secrets Men Should Know

Though men are not born mind readers, there are ways for them to read girl’s minds and they need not undergo any mystical initiation or scientific experiment. And what is more is that these methods can also be utilized to figure out what other people are actually thinking and what their motives are, regardless of gender. By knowing how and …

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Powerful Body Language That Can Improve Yourself

The world has changed and the concept of body language has gradually garnered the attention it deserves. People have realized how impacting body language is when it comes to interpersonal relationships especially when it comes to business. Here are some of the most powerful body languages that you can apply to help improve your lifestyle both at home and in …

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Benefits of Body Language: Reading Micro-Expressions

Learning how to read people’s body language will help you figure out what they truly mean with what they are saying or what their mental condition is. And even the littlest gestures can say a lot about a person hence reading micro-expressions is vital when it comes to interpersonal relationships. Would it not be great if you can read people’s …

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Good Results with Positive Body Language

Being able to determine and identify the different body languages that people express either knowingly or unknowingly has its merits. But knowing how to properly and express positive body language at the right time and around the right people can deliver positive results. Business Meetings: A lot of seasoned businessmen and professionals are adept when it comes to identifying and …

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Learn the Hand Body Language

Being familiar with different body languages and knowing how to properly apply them can greatly improve the way you interact with people. And even more so when it comes to the workplace and one of the challenging body language to understand and identify is the body language of the hands. Some of the hand body language that you should start …

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Eye Reading Body Language

Body language is not limited to keeping a confident posture or leaning forward when in a business meeting. The fact is that people can deduce another person’s state just by observing the other person’s eyes. There are a number of things that you should know when it comes to eye body language. Pupils: This is one of those body parts …

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